Monday, October 19, 2009

Golden Leaves in the Wind

Most poetry, literature, lyrics you will ever read seem to worship springtime as the season of change. The dripping of icicles melting off tree branches, the blossoming of little flowers, the trees refilling with green leaves, the baby animals scampering about. It is a symbol of renewal and refreshment, newness.

None of these artists lived in Florida. Because if they did, they would have to revere the come of autumn instead.

Summer here gets incredibly oppressive and stale. Towards the end, when you're back in school, it's still beyond hot and intensely humid, especially after a random rain shower that might happen while the sun is shining and/or for maybe five minutes at a time (Florida loves these weather jokes). And then fall arrives. It begins in waves, but the first few cold snaps really shake you alive again, unless you're one of those weirdos that loves the sultry Floridian summer heat.

I love the breeze coming back, even if it bites at my face. I love how the sun is shining but I somehow don't feel like I'm being melted into the ground, but it's just beautiful outside instead. I can wear a sweater and let the chilly air sweep around everywhere, and I can't even begin to think of enough great things about fall. It goes beyond the weather. The return of pumpkin spice flavored things at Starbucks, soups for dinner, holiday decorations littering Target and Wal-Mart... man! Can I get enough? Of course not.

The funny thing about autumn is that it makes everything feel possible. Even more than New Year's Eve, a good cold front moving through definitely makes me wonder what's around the river bend for me. It's more of an optimistic introspection than I am accustomed to.

Just imagine all the things that will happen soon, though! Baking Halloween treats, watching scary movies, wearing costumes, eating candy, prancing around campus in my coat and scarf, getting coffee late at night, going to Paris, cold football games, making tea, Christmas parties, listening to holiday music on the radio, seeing the decoration displays, shopping for others... what a list!

Why can't I get this excited all year long?

I'm just going to have to move up north and prolong the joy. At least, until I discover that there's a reason people move here, come February. In the mean time, though, praise the Lord for giving me fall as my season of spirit and joy.

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